Well, This Is Nice

6 Sep

About two years ago, The Vital Theatre Company in New York turned my early middle grade story Uncle Pirate into a one-hour children’s musical. Turns out they’re going to do it again, starting the 24th and running weekends though late November.

Ben Winters, who wrote the script, did an amazing job of reducing the cast to six characters, and the actors, who had to play up to six roles, carried it off with skill and dash. The music is by Drew Fornarola, and it seems to me to strike the right balance between sophistication and simplicity. My favorite rhyme is from one of the penguin Captain Jack’s songs: “If ever I was bitter it/Was because I was illiterate.” Good stuff.

I won’t be there for the opening this time, unfortunately, but if you’re in the area and you have a taste for musicals featuring pirates and penguins, I can recommend it.

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