Paranormal Lite

8 Sep

I was asked last week to write a post for Harlequin’s Paranormal Blog. The editor suggested I write about “paranormal lite” because that’s what he associates me with.

It got me to thinking about why I write paranormal lite. Certainly it isn’t market forces. Most people who read paranormal seem to want it dark and creepy. Which makes sense. It’s probably a lot more interesting to read about a big, horrible thing than an  ambiguous one, and the risks of being unintentionally funny are worth taking.

But it just doesn’t square with my (limited) experience of the paranormal. It seems to me that the paranormal itself has a pretty light touch. If it crosses our paths it does so briefly, ambiguously, and moves on. So do we. Most of us have had something we can’t explain happen to us. Not many of us have had our lives changed by it. As I said in my post, it’s about as much normal as para.

Anyway, if you want to know what I wrote, it should be up later this month.

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