The Juliet Spell –an Update

15 Sep

It’s still two weeks before _The Juliet Spell_ is available but it’s already gotten more reviews than any other books I’ve ever written. They are not, let it be said, uniformly favorable. They are not uniformly anything. But there sure are a lot of them. That’s the difference an online presence like Harlequin Teen’s makes. If I were relying on paper media I’d expect to get about four, maybe six. At present more than forty people have taken the trouble to tell others that I’m a genius of effervescence, or that I can’t write grocery lists.

Tori Scott has posted her interview with Edmund Shakespeare on her blog, Tori Scott. If you want to know what an Elizabethan actor really thinks of kissing on the first date, check it out. She’s also running a contest for a copy of the book.

Finally, it’s the 15th already and my big night at Hicklebee’s Children’s Books in San Jose. six or seven other writers will be there, including Rosemary Wells. I have told my friend Katherine to stop me if I start gushing when I met her. I am a huge Max and Ruby fan. Anything of hers actually. _Hippos Go Berserk_. Marvelous.

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