The Other Douglas Rees

18 Sep

I was looking this morning at the announcement for The Vital Theatre Company’s new season of kid’s shows. The VTC, in New York, did a musical version of Uncle Pirate two years ago and it went well enough that they’ve brought it back. Lovely. And the mention me in the squib, along with Ben H. Winters, who actually wrote the script, and Drew Fornarola, music and lyrics. Also lovely.

Only the Douglas Rees it links to isn’t me. It’s Douglas Rees the actor, who is pretty well-known in New York, I gather. He had a leading role in Arthur Miller’s last play, as well as a long career in regional theatre in Pittsburgh. He also had a brief role on an episode of Thirty Rock, so I know he has a wonderful voice. But I’ll be he’d be surprised to find out he is also a children’s writer.

Maybe if they make a movie of Uncle Pirate they could cast him as Principal Purvis. The we could confuse everybody. People Meeting Me: “I thought you’d be taller.” People Meeting Him: “I thought you’d be shorter.”

Anybody got Spielberg’s private number?

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