The Great Email Disaster of 2011

29 Sep

Last night I kept getting these pop-up messages that my email had lost connectivity. A whole lot of them. Nothing seemed to be wrong, so I assumed, as I always do, that demons were playing with the internet again, crossed myself, burned incense, and swung a rubber chicken around my head three times to take off the curse, whatever it was. Duty done, problem solved, I went to bed.

This morning, when I went to my inbox I found out that my whole contact list had disappeared. Disaster! Calamity! The ship is going down by the bow and I have no lifeboat!

Confronting this event with the same sang-froid that my cats demonstrate when it’s raining and they want to come in, I yowled to my wife who sighed, interrupted her on-line slaughter of trolls, and figured out that I needed to contact my server to see if they could restore the list. Indeed they could, not in 24 hours as stipulated, but in minutes.

But dang, that’s thought-provoking. I hadn’t quite realized how enlaced into a email world I had become. Who am I now without my contact list? And it’s only going to get worse, if worse is the word for what it’s going to get. Better and worse, really. Like most things. Anyway, all is happy in electroworld again.

For the moment.

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