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12 Jan

It’s been a while since I worke


Out of the Maelstrom

7 Jan

     Early in November I came home to find my wife nearly in shock. Her face was covered with the streaks of tears. It was not what I had expected. My wife is a relentlessly cheerful creature, and such a countenance made me think that someone had died, at least.

     “We have to move,” she said. 

     Our landlord had indeed died a few months before and his widow, in order to settle the estate, had decided to sell the house we were living in.

     We are experienced gypsies, but the holidays are not the best time to look for a new place. There’s less than usual out there, and besides — Thanksgiving. Christmas. Y’know?

      Nonetheless, we found a place, and with the help of some wonderful friends, got moved into it. We have now reached the point where we can say we’re settled in, at least in most of the rooms. My books are still packed, and our vast collection of tchotchkies remains to be dealt with, but we have seeral rooms in which we can eat, sleep, prepare food, and relax in the evenings. That’s a great deal. But one thing was lacking.

     Internet. We have been without internet access from our new place for a solid month. This has had several side effects, such as forcing me to start drinking coffee again — purely in order to get access to the web of course — and sneaking around the ether trying to find an unsecured server. Or whatever they are. 

     How did our pioneer ancestors deal with this? Smoke signals? The historical record doesn’t say. But the worst is over. We can now waste time online again without ever leaving our new place to do it, and the world has righted itself.

     Which is my roundabout way of saying I can start blogging again. And with Ambush Books about to debut, I will have something new to blog about.