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27 Feb

I’ve been writing, or perhaps more accurately, trying to write, plays for the last few years. I think it’s a good idea for writers to stretch themselves by learning new ways of telling stories, and play writing was always smething that interested me.

Anyway, after four or five years of off-and-on effort, I have a production going up, a five-page epic entitled TOPPERS, which will be produced by the Pear Avenue Theatre in Mountain View, California. Debut is set for the 11th of May. I’m really jazzed. Elven books published? Swell. But a five-minute play? That’s something. Something new, anyway.

I’m learning more and more about how different writing theatre is from writing novels. The process is far more collaborative. I belong to two groups of playwrights, and the feedback we give each other is extensive. As a novelist, I wouldn’t expect to get this kind of input from anyone but my wife a a few friends. I ‘ve been finding it hugely helpful. There’s no equivalent to the editor in the theatrical process, and in theatre, unlike movies, the playwrght has the final word about the words. But rehearsals start soon, and when we get to them, I expect I’ll be hearing from the actors and the director. More to learn.