My five…

10 May

     My five-page five-minute play TOPPERS opens tonight at the Peave Avenue Theatre in Mountain View. It’s my first professional-level production, after four or five years of studying playwriting (I’m a slow learner) and I’m excited. What are eleven published books to this?

     Okay, maybe a lot. But still. To see the care, energy and insight the director and actors brought to my little epic is, frankly, humbling. They found approaches to the play that never occurred to me when I was writing it. And the expenditure on costumes and set — it’s set on top of a wedding cake, so tuxes and a floofy dress are indicated, but the notion that this little theatre company would provide them for what’s essentially a workshop production —

     Maybe this is why people stilll try to write plays in a country that has almost no interest in live theatre. To see what we’ve imagined re-created by other imaginations,other energy. It’s quite an experience.

      More after tonight.


One Response to “ My five…”

  1. Beth Merrill-Bauer June 21, 2012 at 6:11 am #

    Mr. Rees, my 16 year old son Austin tripped across “Vampire High” at a used book store & was enamored with the tale, so enamored that he convince me to read it. As a college English composition instructor with a M.A. in English Literature & Composition, I was truly impressed with your writing and ingenuity in the storyline. We rushed out to purchase “Vampire High: Sophmore Year” only to find that it was not available at any of our local bookstores. Thank God for Amazon! Now that we have completed the second book, we are wondering when “Vampire High: Junior Year” will be coming out. We are most excited to see the next installment in Cody’s story and truly hope you have not dropped this ingeniously intriguing tale.

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